About Us

The vision of La Ferme du Chou Béni is guided by the principles of regenerative agriculture; regeneration of the land, of the culture, of the economy, and of the built environment.

It is beginning on the path as an organic fruit, wine, and livestock farm based around pigs, cows, vineyard and cider orchard. The long-term vision is to create a regenerative farm based around traditional crops and animals historically characterizing the area for centuries.


We strive to bring our local and global communities together to celebrate the beauty and abundance of life.

We do this by offering private events, courses, workshops, and community celebrations. We invite you to join us to experience the unique offerings of the Dordogne region of France.

L’école de Ferme

L’école de Ferme is an informal and unstructured environment for children to express their natural desire to learn, explore, and discover through self-directed play.

We believe that children learn best when they are left to inquire without inhibition, to create without being assessed or ranked, and to explore without imposition from adult ideas about what children ‘should’ learn.

Whether their interests gravitate toward animal husbandry, archery, language, maths, craft or coding, we believe in facilitating an environment in which children can forge their own paths with minimal interference.

Our farm is blessed to act as a hub for several home-schooling and alternative education families, and we always invite more to join our little ‘school’.

We also plan to offer spring break and summer camps for children to explore skills such as foraging, wilderness survival, herbalism, and naturalism.

Farm Stays

Experience life in rural France on a regenerative agriculture farm.

Our farm is soon to offer farm stays for those interested in visiting the countryside of Dordogne. We offering singly occupancy lodging in our barn rooms and family lodging in our guest house.

Farm visitors are invited to take part in the daily rhythm and happenings of the farm to gain an understanding of how a regenerative agriculture farm operates. We offer a kitchen and dining room for visitors to share space and meals together.

We also offer classes, workshops, retreats, and events in our communal barn space.

Single Occupancy Room

Our single occupancy rooms offer simple and comfortable accommodation for up to two people. Located in the barn mezzanine, these rooms boast partial stone walls repurposed from the original 16th century architecture. Toilet and shower are shared between both rooms.

The barn common area consists of a sundeck dining room and living room for occupants to share meals, read quietly, or enjoy the views of Perigord’s rolling hills beyond the farm.

Family Lodging

Our main guest house offers lodging for larger groups and families, with a master bedroom, two single bedrooms, a dining room, living room, toilet and shower.