We hope you are having a fun day. Sebastiaan and I want to give you your presents when you next come to the farm in France. there are 2.

We wanted to make sure that whenever you are at the farm you don`t always have to ask one of us if you want to

go somewhere fun,

do something a bit crazy,

do something French,

take a friend out to eat,

take a better looking friend out to eat,

or just get away from it all.

so as soon as you arrive at the farm you and I will go here

and you can choose any one of these that you would like.

then, just like I do with Sebastiaan in the holidays,

every week Monday you can have this

and use it that week like Sebastiaan always does

or save it for another time.

Whatever you want is fine.

We can`t wait to see you soon in the New Year!!!

Love Sebastiaan & Simon

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